F|K|O Therapy & Consultation Services, LLC

F|K|O Therapy & Consultation Services, LLC

Our role within the client-therapist relationship is a unique one. F|K|O Therapy & Consultation Services is here to provide support and collaborate with you to establish a “new normal” for yourself and/or for your family. We support clients in owning their inner strengths and capabilities that we all possess but are unsure of how to utilize during our most difficult of times. Within this practice, you will have a safe and affirming environment to be vulnerable and to process your innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions regarding life with a chronic illness.

Teletherapy Services Available In Maryland and Ohio

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy can provide many benefits to the person who desires to improve their quality of life and feel empowered. You will be able to discuss your stressors and challenges within a confidential, judgement free zone. Therapy can:

▪️Help you develop coping skills and improve emotional regulation
▪️Increase self-worth and self-awareness
▪️Improve communication within interpersonal relationships
▪️Decrease feelings of distress and worry
▪️Process feelings of grief and trauma

Family Therapy

Family dynamics may become increasingly stressful not only for the person with the illness but for the entire family. Family therapy can be short or long term in which families will learn how to identify presenting issues, identify positive/negative generational patterns, develop coping strategies and problem solving skills, set appropriate boundaries, and much more. Family therapy can:

▪️Provide a space for each family member to feel heard and to be seen.
▪️Improve familial cohesiveness and resolve conflicts.
▪️Build empathy, resiliency, and understanding amongst its members

Couples/Marital Counseling

At times you may feel disconnected from your partner or feel you are not on the same page in the same book. You may feel misunderstood or wonder why arguments escalate, or how resentment has built over the years. Every couple faces challenges at some point in time in their relationship. Couples/Marital counseling can:

▪️Help couples identify current issues that may be rooted in past generations
▪️Help couples address dysfunctional patterns and underlying conflicts
▪️Improve communication style with your partner and teach you how to “Fair Fight”
▪️Increase intimacy, romance, and build a deeper connection to your partner