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Chronic Illness & Caregiver Burnout Specialty

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Services Offered

Couples Therapy

Explore feelings, improve communication, and strengthen your bond. Learn effective ways to connect and enhance emotional intimacy.

Family Counseling

Family counseling for transitions and crisis. Gain insights and coping strategies for your family’s well-being.

Counseling for Caregivers

Balance responsibilities and prevent burnout. Find support and a safe space for venting frustrations.

Therapy for Chronic Illness

Discover coping strategies, nurture emotional well-being, enhance intimate relationships, and improve your quality of life.


Dr. Francesca Owoo, LCPC, LMHC

Online Mental Health Therapy

Virtual Couples Therapist


Hi, I’m Dr. Owoo!

As a licensed mental health professional specializing in online couples therapy and online family counseling, I consider four key elements: relationships, community, intergenerational patterns, and systems. None of us lives in isolation; we’re all part of a larger picture that includes family, friends, and our community. All these concepts are like puzzle pieces that fit together to shape your life story.

In my practice as a virtual couples therapist, I prioritize a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to therapy. That means we dig deep into those familial patterns that have been weaving through your life, and we also embrace all the different aspects of who you are.

You’ll gain insights into yourself, your partner, and your family. Understanding the impact of your past experiences on your current relationships through an exploration of your history and cultural background is a key aspect of my counseling approach.

You’re going to discover why you do what you do, find better ways to handle stressors, and learn better ways to communicate with everyone in your life.

Every individual, couple, and family HAS A STORY and I want to know yours…It calls for some vulnerability, but it’s worth it.

How Can I Help You?

If you’re facing challenges in your relationship or seeking to strengthen your family bonds, you’re in the right place. Starting online mental health therapy for couples and families is a significant first step. As a virtual couples therapist, I’m here to offer you guidance and support as you prioritize your relationship and rebuild those connections.

My practice is entirely virtual, providing you with the flexibility to explore your thoughts and feelings from the comfort of your own home…and save on gas money. This virtual space is supportive, secure, and everything you need to be your best self as a couple, family, or individual.

Whether you’re dealing with relationship issues, caregiver burnout fueled by cultural expectations, compassion fatigue, anxiety, or depression, I’m here to support you. We’ll identify and address the challenges you’re facing, developing effective strategies to overcome them. Even during challenging moments when you might feel drained, we can tap into your hidden potential.

As a native New Yorker, I value authenticity so please know your genuine self is celebrated here.

Ready to take the first step towards positive change now? Book a consultation and let’s get started!

Life As A Caregiver

Being a caregiver can be an incredibly demanding and emotionally taxing role. Believe me, I know. Balancing the responsibilities of caring for an elderly parent, a spouse, or a chronically ill child comes with its unique set of challenges. The strain of caregiving can sometimes seep into your personal life, affecting your emotional well-being and your relationship dynamics.

Let’s acknowledge the immense pressure you might be under and the potential impact it can have on your own health and your connections with others. Finding effective strategies to manage caregiver burnout and maintain a healthy balance is key to ensuring your well-being and the strength of your relationships in the long run.

Chronic Illness and Relationships

It’s important for me to mention that while I’ve worked with many clients facing various medical conditions, I might not have all the details about what you’re going through or your specific diagnosis. Although I’m trained in marriage and family therapy, I’m not a medical doctor. The focus of my work is to explore the relational impact on couples and families when having to live or help someone dealing with a chronic illness.

Talking about chronic illness and emotional intimacy is often overlooked, and this can leave you feeling alone, especially when dealing with a chronic condition. I want you to know that I’m here to listen and support you through your challenges, whether it’s with chronic illness and dating or chronic illness and intimacy.

"Does Online Mental Health Therapy Work?"

Online mental health therapy services have become increasingly popular for a reason: they’ve been proven to be effective in enhancing mental health. Research has shown that online therapy sessions can be just as valuable as in-person ones. What makes it even better is the flexibility it offers—you can connect with me securely through video AND save on gas money!

Feel confident that when we meet online, it’s about real progress and support for your mental well-being.

Benefits of Therapy


Learn effective anxiety and depression management techniques for you and your loved ones


Rejuvenate with essential self-care practices tailored for couples and families


Navigate transitions and cope with loss through family-centered therapy


Foster emotional and spiritual growth for a meaningful life experience


Enhance crisis communication skills to strengthen bonds and connections


Cultivate healthy boundaries and family self-awareness for a harmonious life