F|K|O Therapy & Consultation Services, LLC

F|K|O Therapy & Consultation Services, LLC

Looking for balance in your daily life? Having a chronic illness or being a primary caregiver can make that difficult. Individuals with a chronic illness can experience declining mental health, decrease in interpersonal relationships, loss/grief of who they used to be, loss of purpose, anger, hopelessness/helplessness, thoughts of harming themselves, etc.

Chronic illnesses also affect the surrounding family members (i.e. - partner, child). Primary caregivers may have feelings of anxiety or depression due to the uncertainty of the illness or the financial strain within the household. Children in the home may feel isolated or exhibit behavioral issues at home or in school.

If you are a part of the immuno-compromised community, it might be difficult for you at times to just “get up and go.” Imagine the benefits of therapy from your own home, in your own personal space. Teletherapy allows you to connect with a mental health professional at your convenience via video conferencing, phone, email, or through the latest technological app.

Individual counseling, couples/marital counseling, or family counseling can be beneficial to those who have a strong desire to change the course of their lives. It can help families develop healthier communication patterns during a crisis, establish strong boundaries, and feel empowered to tackle ongoing stressors.

Along the way you may have forgotten your purpose or who you are and felt a loss of control over your life. Are you ready to Flourish in your purpose, Know thyself, and Own your power once again?