Couples Therapy


Are you struggling to communicate in your relationship? Have you been feeling misunderstood by your partner lately? Have arguments between the both of you become frequent? Different things can put a strain on your relationship with your partner, but regardless of the cause of the conflict, couples therapy online can help.

Difficulties and unhealthy communication patterns in relationships do not happen overnight. It takes two people who are willing to put in the effort to make a relationship work. If you are beginning to experience issues in your relationships, such as a lack of connection or intimacy, lack of trust, or anxiety, then it is time to get help for your relationship.

What is couples therapy online?​

Couple therapy online is a type of psychological therapy that is aimed at helping couples resolve relationship issues or conflicts. During couples therapy, you and your partner will enjoy confidential sessions that allow you to voice your emotions, anxiety, and concerns with each other in a judgment-free zone.

When it comes to couples therapy, couples are usually anxious about signing up for it because of the stigma. They are usually concerned about what people will say about their relationship. Does couples therapy mean their relationship is failing? Does it mean they are not a happy couple anymore? Couples therapy provides you and your partner an opportunity to discuss the issues that may be threatening your relationship.

When should I consider couples therapy online?​

Life is fast-paced and this can exacerbate the conflicts in your relationship. Couples therapy services offer you the opportunity to save your relationship or marriage from falling apart. But how do I know I need couples therapy, you say? Different situations can put a strain on your relationship.

You're A Spousal Caregiver

Caring for a chronically ill spouse or partner can be tasking emotionally, physically, and socially. Chronic illness has a way of taking up space in your relationship, almost like a 3rd wheel that no one wants around. It can lead to spousal caregiver burnout or even compassion fatigue. It can also have you questioning whether or not you want to stay in your relationship.

According to the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), at least 75% of marriages end up in divorce if one partner has a chronic illness. Levels of intimacy can diminish as well as the deep friendship that was created throughout the relationship.

In spousal caregiver relationships, there’s an imbalance because the healthy spouse carries the majority of the responsibilities and duties. Spousal caregivers can begin to have feelings of anxiety or depression. This may put a strain on your relationship or marriage.

Caring for a Child w. Illness

If you are caring for a child with a chronic illness, you may be familiar with feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, and depression. Your health may also be affected and this may affect you both mentally and physically.

Research shows that caring for a child with a chronic illness can hurt your relationship by causing a lack of quality time with your significant other, communication problems, a higher divorce rate, role strain, and increased relationship dissatisfaction. Other tell-tale signs that indicate you may need to consider couples therapy services are:

  • Poor communication between you and your partner
  • Frequent fights or conflicts
  • Lack of intimacy or show of love
  • Feelings of disconnection and dissatisfaction
  • Disagreements over finances

How can couples therapy online help?​

Are you wondering if couples therapy can help your relationship? The answer is yes. However, apart from having access to a professional who can help you and your partner work out your differences, it is also important that both of you are willing to put in the work.

Couples therapy can repair the cracks that have formed over time and reignite the passion that once existed in your relationship. It addresses the imbalances and assists in creating a space that is comfortable for both parties. In sessions, we’ll uncover the origins of negative patterns and actively work on developing a healthier way of communicating with your partner.

You’ll also be free to mourn the loss of past joys while creating new memories within the changing dynamics of your relationship. Depending on what your concerns are, couples therapy can be short-term or long-term. Couples therapy will serve as the treatment your relationship needs. Once you sign up for couples therapy services, we will work on a treatment plan together so that you can be an active player in your treatment.

What are the benefits of couples therapy online?​

Couples therapy is not just for relationships with problems. Sometimes, even happy and healthy relationships require a little help to resolve minor issues so that they don’t become major cracks. Some of the more common benefits of couples therapy services include:

  • Helping couples identify current issues that may be rooted in past generations
  • Helping couples address unhealthy patterns and conflicts within the relationship
  • Improving your communication style with your partner and learning to fight fair
  • Increasing intimacy and romance with your partner
  • Encouraging self-awareness and personal growth
  • Rebuilding trust and rekindling romance
  • Reassessing the roles and responsibilities in the relationship

Will couples therapy work? Is couples therapy worth it?

The first thing I do is identify the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. I also work to identify the current problems and patterns and then finally set goals for our therapy sessions. My approach to our therapy sessions involves working to understand the reason for the conflict and proposing the strategies and necessary skills to solve these problems.

If you are concerned about not having time for couples therapy due to your fast-paced life, you can rest assured that I will work with your schedule to create a convenient time for you and your partner. Sometimes, we have to do what’s best for our relationships despite our busy schedules. Couples therapy might just be the anchor your relationship or marriage needs to pull through the storm